Thursday, November 18, 2010

2009 Injury & Fatality Statisics Overview

Our Safety Intern Mary Czaja has been pulling lots of interesting worker injury and fatality facts off of the LNI website. They have released the 2009 statistics, which we are beginning to incorporate into our training classes.

Fatal work injuries 2009:
66 men
9 women
75 total
More men died at work, but a higher percentage of assaults and transportation incidents deaths were to women.

Assaults and violent acts: 56% Women, 26% Men
Transportation incidents: 44% Women, 29% Men

By occupation (total):
Professional and business services: 7
Trade, transportation, and utilities: 20
Manufacturing: 3
Construction: 10
Natural resources and mining: 17

By Age:
Under 16: 0
16 to 17: 0
18 to 19: 0
20 to 24: 8
25 to 34: 13
35 to 44: 20
45 to 54: 15
55 to 64: 9
65 and over: 9

You can find a lot more injury data and statistics on LNI's website.

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