Friday, January 7, 2011

Commercial Motor Vehicle Classes

Contributed by Tina Bacon, Program Coordinator, Evergreen Safety Council
Through our allied partner, Evergreen Safety Council is proud to offer courses for Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators. These courses are designed to provide the driver with concepts and skill necessary to better perform their duties. Continuing Education Units are available for several of these online training courses. All of these course can be found under the heading of Transportation Courses.

The Best Practices for CMV Drivers series consist of 6 online classes that last approximately 10 minutes each. The on-line training courses can be taken in any order. The cost for each topic listed below is $9.99:

Best Practices for CMV Drivers:

  1. Adverse Conditions and Emergency Situations
  2. Changing Lanes and Passing
  3. Curves, Turns, and Downgrades
  4. Pedestrians and Passengers
  5. Right-of-Way and Intersections
  6. Start-Up, Back-Up, and Parking Procedures

The Cargo Securement for Drivers series consist of eleven online classes. This series is suitable for Drivers who transport multiple types of cargo. The courses in this series cover the general cargo securement rules, as well as the special commodity-specific rules in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs).

It is recommended that you begin your training with: Cargo Securement for Drivers: General Requirements. Each course listed below can be taken individually or for a significant savings, purchase all of the courses titles as a bundle (Cargo Securement for Drivers Bundle) for $99.95.

Each course under this listing takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. The cost for each topic ranges from $24.95 to $39.95. Register today.

Cargo Securement for Drivers

  1. Automobiles, Light Trucks, and Vans, and Flattened or Crushed Vehicles
  2. Concrete Pipe
  3. Dressed Lumber and Similar Building Products
  4. General Requirements
  5. Heavy Vehicles, Equipment, and Machinery
  6. Intermodal Containers
  7. Large Boulders
  8. Logs
  9. Metal Coils
  10. Paper Rolls
  11. Roll-On/Roll-Off or Hook Lift

Under the heading DOT HAZMAT Courses, we offer the following 6 online courses. The topics:

  1. DOT Hazardous Materials General Awareness (approximately 1 hour)
  2. DOT Hazmat Security Awareness for Drivers (approximately 30 minutes)
  3. DOT Hazmat Security Awareness for Shippers and Carriers (approximately 30 minutes)
    DOT Training for Drivers of Hazmat Shipments (approximately 4 hours)
  4. DOT Training for Offerors of Bulk and Non-bulk Hazmat Packages (approximately 5 hours)
  5. DOT Training for Offerors of Non-bulk Hazmat Packages (approximately 4 hours)

Cost for each topic under the DOT HAZMAT Courses range from $29.95 to $69.95. Register now.

The remaining list of courses under Transportation Courses consist of:

  1. DOT Driver's Guide to CDL Requirements (approximately 1 hour)
  2. DOT Driver's Guide to Driving CMVs (approximately 1 hour)
  3. DOT Driving Commercial Motor Vehicles: Rules of the Road (approximately 1 hour)
  4. DOT Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Training (approximately 2 hours)
  5. DOT Financial Responsibility for Passenger-Carrying Motor Carriers (approximately 30 minutes)
  6. DOT Financial Responsibility for Property-Carrying Motor Carriers (approximately 30 minutes)
  7. DOT Hours of Service for Oilfield Operations (approximately 30 minutes)
  8. DOT Motor Carrier General Applicability: Who and When (approximately 1 hour)
  9. Driver Wellness (approximately 30 minutes)
  10. Tanker Truck Inspections for Drivers (approximately 1 hour)
  11. Whistleblower Protection (Transportation) (approximately 30 minutes)

Cost for each of these topics range from $9.95 to $69.95. Register today.

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