Thursday, April 21, 2011

A few nice days…..and here come the motorcycles

Washington State Patrol Media Release
As we roll into spring many people in our state start dusting off their motorcycles and gearing up for a ride. Unfortunately, this is when the Washington State Patrol starts seeing an increase in motorcycle fatality collisions. We have seen traffic fatalities in Washington continue their downward trend in 2010, reaching the lowest level in at least 35 years. While traffic collisions have decreased overall, motorcycle rider deaths continue to rise. The top factors that lead to motorcycle rider deaths or serious injuries are impaired riding and speed.

Motorcycle riders need keep in mind the Washington State Patrol heavily enforces motorcycle endorsement violations. If you’re stopped on a motorcycle without a valid permit or endorsement you will be cited and your bike will most likely be impounded. Simply put, motorcyclists need to know how to operate and control their bikes to be safe.

We highly recommend that riders swallow their pride and take one of the many motorcycle safety courses offered to the public. There are courses available for beginner and advanced riders alike. If someone you know rides a motorcycle, ask them if they have taken a training course. It could save a life. (Evergreen Safety Council offers a wide variety of motorcycle, scooter and sidecar/trike safety training classes. Just follow the links we have included here for more information.)

Here are a few general safety tips for riders to keep in mind as you head out this season:

Assume you're invisible: Because to a lot of drivers, you are. Never make a move based on the assumption that another driver sees you, even if you've just made eye contact.

Be patient: Always take a second look before you pull out to pass, ride away from a curb, or merge onto the freeway from an on-ramp. It's what you don't see that gets you.

Stay in your comfort zone: Riding over your head or being on a motorcycle you can’t handle is never a good idea. Ride at the level of your training and choose a bike that fits you and your needs.

Keep this information in mind and please be safe when you’re out for a ride. Enjoy the unique spring weather that only Washington can offer.

Contact: Trooper Guy Gill #505 Phone: (253) 606-1998

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