Monday, May 9, 2011

Attention ASHI Instructors

We have finally received word on the new ASHI instructor/student materials. All of the following items are available for pre-order at this time for delivery in the middle of June. Only instructors that have gone through the Instructor Upgrade will be allowed to purchase the new material.

  • BFA Instructor Package (DVD & PPT) - $115

  • BFA Instructor Manual - $50

  • BFA Student Book/Card - $8

  • CPR/AED Instructor Package (DVD & PPT) - $115

  • CPR/AED Instructor Manual - $50

  • CPR/AED Student Book/Card - $7

  • BFA/CPR/AED Student Book/Card - $9.75

  • CPR Pro Instructor Package (DVD & PPT) - $115

  • CPR Pro Instructor Manual - $50

  • CPR Pro Student Book/Card - $8.5

Each instructor is required to have an Instructor Guide for each program they teach. Each company (and it’s locations) are required to have a package. A letter will be mailed to each instructor next week with more details on when the material should be ready, etc.

To place a pre-order you can send Stephanie an email or call 800-521-0778 to speak with Stephanie or Chris.

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