Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Safety Series: 1-hour Webinars

Evergreen Safety Council and The Personal Safety Training Group have partnered to bring you a series of webinars to help keep your employees safer.

These webinars
Will…Improve Employee Awareness & Confidence
Help…Reduce Risk & High Stress Situations
You… Keep Your Employees Safer

Employee Personal Safety
Webinar Date: July 20
Do you feel safe at the office?
It is well known that we drop our guards when in and around familiar environments such as home and the workplace. This webinar reminds employees of the importance of remaining relaxed yet aware of their surroundings at all times.

Topics/Issues Covered include
  • “Condition Yellow” – What is this and why is it so critical?
  • Threat recognition: “Affective” vs. “Predatory” Violence
  • Safety in elevators, parking lots & “fringe” areas

  • Travel Safety
    Webinar Date: July 27
    It will never happen to me. Will it?
    Regardless of how low the probability, most of us are aware that there is some risk involved with travel, whether with the family or on a business trip. These risks range from petty theft to armed robbery and in some cases carjacking, abduction, and hotel room invasions.

    Topics/Issues Covered include:
  • Pre- trip planning, itinerary considerations & hotel room selection
  • Maintaining awareness & focus in unfamiliar and disorienting environments
  • What to do when approached by a stranger & recognizing “set ups”

    Social Media
    Webinar Date: August 10
    Who’s watching you online?
    This webinar gives learners a look into criminal minds and how they leverage online data to plan and execute crime. Criminals almost always pass up on difficult targets for the more vulnerable or “soft target” as they go through their victim selection process. Social media and location-based services often serve to streamline this process.

    Price: $65.00 per 1-hour webinar
    Register online today!
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