Thursday, November 3, 2011

Emergency Washing Facilities

News from DOSH - Eyewash and Shower
Contributed by John M Neibel, Safety Intern, Evergreen Safety Council

Example of Approved
Emergency Eyewash Equipment
 In July of 2011 DOSH (L&I ) released a new directive on emergency washing facilities DOSH Directive 13.00 , this new directive is primarily meant for the inspectors. It tells them what to look for when citing businesses for not having the correct washing for up for their location and hazards; however at the same time it provides guidance to all who are not sure if they need the emergency washing facilities.

So take a look at this directive and see if you might need to update your location and or type of emergency washing facility.

General Rules

Emergency washing facilities, WAC 296-800-15030 through -15040.

Emergency Washing Facilities (366 KB PDF) DOSH Directive 13.00.

If you have questions, we can help, give us a call 800-521-0778.

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