Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lead Renovator Marketshare

Contributed by Al Filmore, Trainer/Consultant, Evergreen Safety Council

Are you just going to avoid working on pre-1978 houses? More and more contractors and companies are doing just that. 

Almost 70% of the homes in King County were built prior to 1978. So if you, like many others, are choosing to NOT become a Lead Renovator, you are limiting yourself to only about 30% of the available market in King County. 

In addition, houses built before 1978 are significantly more likely to require repairs and repainting than the homes that were built more recently. Why would you want to limit the amount of work that you can get in this economy? Perhaps you already have more than enough work and are turning down jobs, or perhaps it is the change and all the new rules. 

Evergreen can help you and your workers understand the new rules. To become certified you would pay $240 per worker for the 1-day class, and another $25 to the state to become a certified firm.  But after these onetime costs (and a refresher class every 5 years) you would be putting yourself above your competition and open yourself and your company to a lot more jobs opportunities.

Visit our website for more information the training schedule and to register for a training class.

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