Monday, April 30, 2012

Evergreen Safety Council Celebrates 80 Years of Service

This year Evergreen Safety Council will celebrate its 80th year of providing safety services to corporations and individuals in the Pacific Northwest.
Originally introduced as The Seattle Safety Council, the organization was established (chartered by the National Safety Council) in 1932 to develop traffic safety programs for roads that were increasingly congested with automobiles and trucks. In 1954 they became the Seattle King County Safety Council, and in 1970 the name was changed to the Evergreen Safety Council, better reflecting the fact that they served the entire Pacific Northwest.

Quality, up-to-date program development coupled with dynamic, informative instructors is the successful formula upon which Evergreen Safety Council has founded its customer and membership base. Evergreen Safety Council hopes to build on this reputation even further by increasing its membership with a comprehensive package that meets our customers’ needs, along with the exceptional safety training programs that are delivered month after month. Definitive customer service is a goal that Evergreen strives to achieve in order to be the most recognized resource for health and safety training throughout the Northwest.
In the time since Evergreen Safety Council first began providing training services, many companies have come and gone. Evergreen has proven that with timely offerings, good management and a strong team that organizations can survive and thrive through many economies.

“I’m very proud of the fact that we’ve endured so well over the years”, said TomOdegaard, Evergreen Safety Council’s Executive Director.  “It just shows that in good times and bad, companies recognize that safety is an important issue.  There is no more valuable asset than your people and to keep them safe, training, policies and compliance all need to be taken seriously.”

Evergreen Safety Council is the Northwest’s largest, independent, non-profit organization providing safety and health training and consultation services to businesses and organizations. ESC is a member of the National Safety Council and a founding member of the American Association of Safety Councils.

To learn more about safety training programs being conducted in the Greater Northwest, please view Evergreen Safety Council’s website.

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