Monday, August 17, 2009

Car Prowls - Bad for Business

Don't let your customers and clients become a victim. According to the Seattle PD car prowlers are prolific. Plus, some criminals re-offend immediately after release.

Why do they have such an easy time?
It takes less than 3 minutes to hit 5 cars. Thieves break the windows of cars that have items visible in the front seat. GPS units are hot. The criminal presses "home" on the unit to find out where the victim lives and burglarizes their house sometimes before they discover the car was broken into.

What can you and your company do?
Most stolen property is traded or sold on the street within minutes of the crime, lowering the chance of recovery. Here are the most mentioned crime prevention tips:

  • Remove all valuables from the car
  • Hide valuables out of sight before you park
  • Take down the wires/brackets that lead to dashboard electronics

Source: South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce

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