Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Distracted Driving and Road Constructions

By Norm Nyhuis, Trainer, Evergreen Safety Council
Road construction is a year-around proposition here in the temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest. As such we need to be aware of the road construction projects underway on the roads we frequently travel. Yes, there are various traffic controls out there to help us avoid trouble, and often there is a flagger to regulate the flow of traffic through the construction zone.

But, how often have we found ourselves reacting in a negative way to the delay caused by the construction? Worse still, when we become distracted by the pressures of the day, and perhaps have attempted to use our cell phones to salvage some productive time during the delay – further distracting us from the primary job of safely driving our vehicle? I am not sure that’s what this driver was doing, but the story goes that several lane markers and the frantic attempts to get the attention of the driver by the flagger on duty were ignored with the results being at least costly to do-over and at best very embarrassing. How’d you like to fill out the insurance claim on this event?

If your company employs flaggers for traffic control, your flaggers must have on their person, current, un-expired documentation that they have been trained. Flagger information and class schedules, as well as information on becoming a flagger instructor is available on the Evergreen Safety Council website. Get trained, don’t let something like this happen at your construction project.
Picture Source: Navy Safety Center

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