Monday, January 25, 2010

Working from an Elevated Platform

Contributed by: Norm Nyhuis, Trainer, Evergreen Safety Council

Working from an elevated location is part of many of our jobs. Often the circumstances require the used of powered, elevating work platforms in the form of a scissors or boom supported personnel lift. These are wonderfully versatile devices and provide a safe way for us to work elevated, and in compliance with applicable safety rules and regulations. However, creativity can sometimes compromise our safely. The ASME standards for elevating work platforms all state that all occupants feet must be on the platform floor. No climbing on the guard rails or using other devices such as this ladder, is permitted.

What caused this operator to take this risk? Was the machine’s elevating ability damaged or inoperative? If so, the machine should have been taken out of service until properly repaired. Fall protection as specified by the manufacture is required to be used by all occupants. The guard rails in the application provide the necessary fall protection. Being on the ladder shown, certainly takes the worker out of the protective envelope provided by the guardrails.

Work smart, work SAFE, don’t use powered equipment that is damaged, defective or not functioning as designed.

If you have employees who operate aerial or scissors lift equipment, contact Evergreen Safety Council for information regarding training of your operators.
Picture source: Navy Safety Center

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