Friday, February 19, 2010

changes to the three-wheel motorcycle endorsement law

Contributed by Monty Lish, Program Manager, Evergreen Safety Council

As of July 26th 2009 you may not need a three-wheel endorsement to ride your three-wheel motorcycle if your three-motorcycle meets the following requirements.
o The seat is located in an enclosed or partially enclosed seating area.
o The vehicle is equipped with seat belts.
o The vehicle is steered with a steering wheel.

Your vehicle must meet ALL THREE of these requirements to not require a three-wheel endorsement to ride or drive.

To read the complete law about equipment requirements see RCW 46.37.530

To take a motorcycle safety class and qualify for your two-wheel or three-wheel motorcycle endorsement go to to register for a class. Evergreen Safety Council offers motorcycle safety classes that that offer a license waiver of further testing at the DOL when qualifying for a motorcycle endorsement. Classes are available for beginners and experienced riders.

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