Thursday, October 21, 2010

Before the Snow Flies, Are Your People Ready for the Road?

There's nothing like a snowfall to test those rusty winter driving skills! Whether your employees drive for work or simply to and from, help prepare them to make it safely through the winter before the going gets really tough.

Call today to schedule a two-hour onsite EverSafe Winter Driving seminar covering these critical topics:
  • winter travel tips
  • following distance and reaction time
  • blind spots and tailgaters
  • skidding
  • emergency stops
  • bridge decks and entrance ramps
  • how to prepare your car for winter

For more traffic safety resources or to schedule a seminar at your location, contact our office today 1-800-521-0778.

BTW: This picture was taken just outside Monroe, two-years ago. And who says it only rains in Washington?

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