Friday, October 29, 2010

Exercise your right and your responsibility – Vote on Nov.2!

Contributed by Tom Odegaard, Executive Director, Evergreen Safety Council
Tuesday November 2 is a very important day across the Pacific Northwest. On that day and in the days leading up to it, we have the opportunity and responsibility to participate in the almost sacred process of voting on how our local, state, and federal governments will operate. There are very distinct differences between the candidates that are running for office and clear choices to be made on city, county, and state issues.

While Evergreen Safety Council does not endorse or campaign for any candidate or for issues not directly related to safety, we can and do encourage every legal citizen to exercise their right and their responsibility to vote.

Millions of Americans have served, been wounded and given their lives to help ensure that we have the right to go to the ballot box or mail in our ballots at each election. Hundreds of thousands of Americans continue to do so today.

Honor their service, be responsible, exercise your right – VOTE!

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