Monday, January 30, 2012

Root Cause Analysis Demonstrates Solid Safety Results and ROI

Contributed by Star Conrad, Director of Operations, Evergreen Safety Council
As a safety professional, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) will help you identify and remove the causes of serious incidents — from fatalities to near misses. RCA can help you:
  • Promote a strong safety record — a competitive differentiator
  • Minimize time-consuming inspections and regulatory investigations
  • Build trust with shop and plant-floor workers, while demonstrating solid results to leadership
  • Move beyond human error to solutions that control systemic causes
Sologic benefits
Formerly Apollo Associated Services, Sologic provides Root Cause Analysis (RCA) training, software and services to help you eliminate ongoing problems and major incidents.  Our solution suite is built on over 20 years of field experience with clients around the globe. After listening to our clients’ needs, we have recently introduced a new suite of offerings that includes:
  • A more logical RCA method
  • Cause and effect theory that is more intuitive
  • More robust and user-friendly software
  • Results that are faster and more powerful 

RCA Analyst Level 1 - Facilitator
RCA Analyst Level 2 - Master Facilitator

More than 99% of our public seminar students say their new RCA skills are valuable and marketable, and would recommend the course to colleagues. 

The next Sologic RCA course is February 28-29 in Seattle, WA.  Seats are filling up fast, so register soon.  In this two-day RCA Analyst Level 1: Facilitator workshop, students will learn to:  
  • Effectively facilitate a Sologic RCA
  • Create logical cause and effect charts that account for all causes and are supported with evidence
  • Identify and implement effective solutions that will prevent problem recurrence
  • Effectively communicate RCA findings and gain support for solutions     
We are also offering a third day of advanced training on March 1st - our RCA Analyst Level 2: Master Facilitator course provides expanded facilitation and program management skills.

We look forward to continuing to serve your RCA needs, and to seeing you and/or your colleagues in class - register now!  
  • Clients tell us that when one of our students returns to work and completes just one RCA, the savings create an immediate 100% return on the training investment...and then some. 
  • This is your opportunity to build your RCA skills & recommend the course to others who must also deliver cost savings as well as improvements in quality, safety, IT, processes and reliability.

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