Monday, January 23, 2012

Why Should Your Organization be an Evergreen Safety Council Member?

Contributed by Star Conrad, Director of Operations, Evergreen Safety Council 
“Member Only” Benefits:

John D. Spellman Safety Award:
Be recognized for your organization’s safety achievements. Tell us about your safety efforts undertaken for the year, including examples of employee involvement and management commitment that helped foster a positive safety culture within your organization. Applications are being accepted until February 24, 2012.

2010 Award winner: IMCO General Construction
employees  with John D. Spellman (right)

General Membership Meeting & Luncheon
Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Location: Mirabella, 116 Fairview Avenue N, 10th Floor West Dining Room, Seattle, WA 98109
Time: 10am – 1pm
Cost: $25, includes plated lunch
Agenda: Business Meeting, Spellman Safety Award Presentation, ESC 80 Years Young, Special Recognition of long term supporting members, Workplace Safety guest speaker

Monty C. Lish & Stanley O. McNaughton Scholarship for Safety & Health Careers
Employees of a member company of ESC, children or stepchildren of employees, or children or stepchildren of member company owners are eligible to apply. Two awards of $1,000 each can be granted. Applications are due February 15, 2012

American Association of Safety Councils Scholarship
A maximum scholarship of $500 per year. Eligibility:

  • Any employee or family member of an AASC Safety Council or any individual, whose parent, or legal guardian, is employed at an AASC Safety Council for a period of not less than twelve months.
  • Any member or family member of an AASC Safety Council who has been a member of not less than twelve months.
Application deadline is March 12, 2012

Consultation Services
Does your safety question start with:
  • Do I need...?
  • What does __________ mean?
  • How often do I need to...?
  • LNI visited me, what do I do about…?
  • How do I make a plan to...?
  • I'm the new Safety Manager, how do I...?
  • Does the ESC have training on...?
We can match our expert trainers / consultants to your organization and the topics you need or the situation you're facing. Their expertise in regulatory compliance, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, commercial vehicle issues, and traffic safety can help you answer questions and address critical workplace safety needs. Use any of our many consulting services:
  • On-site consultation and training
  • Walk-through evaluations
  • Safety program revisions/audits
  • Policy development assistance
If this kind of assistance will help your organization's safety environment and you want more information, contact Stephanie Dyck or Eric Tofte or call 800-521-0778


  1. Health and safety in the workplace is an issue that affects all businesses. Implementation of an occupational health and safety system has now been mandated by law in many countries. Introduction to OHSAS 18001 Training will help you to comply with the legislation and devise a system to ensure a safe environment in the workplace. It will also introduce a management system to help reduce the risk of accidents, litigation and downtime.

  2. Well, when I toook up my environmental management training, it's not just the health and safety of the different workers in different work environment that is important, it is also important for all of those companies to make sure that while they are in the way to completion for their projects, lets say construction for example, they should also keep in mind and actually do something about what they can possible cause the environment.


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