Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Contributed by Eric Tofte, Director of Training, Evergreen Safety Council
On March 29, 2010 OSHA issued several interpretation dealing with the construction industry. Below, please see the topics these were on and click on the “interpretation” link to go to that particular interpretation.

March 29 - Interpretation - Restrictions on drilling within 50 feet of a hole loaded with explosives.
March 29 - Interpretation - Fully Planked and Decked Scaffold
March 29 - Interpretation - Whether an employer can use a controlled access zone during curtain wall installation.
March 29 - Interpretation - Interpretation of OSHA Fall Protection Exemption (29 CFR § 1926.500(a)(1)) during inspection, investigation, and assessment activities.
March 29 - Interpretation - Fall protection requirements for employees working on an elevator car frame.
March 29 - Interpretation - Permissible methods of operating trucks in reverse on construction sites.
March 29 - Interpretation - Protective system requirements for excavations that will not be entered by employees.
March 29 - Interpretation - Whether compliance with an updated ANSI standard on gate strength for carabiners and snaphooks is required.
March 29 - Interpretation - Testing requirements for "lifting blinds" or "lifting covers" on pressure vessels

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