Thursday, March 11, 2010

Securing your load

Contributed by: Norm Nyhuis, Trainer, Evergreen Safety Council
A few weeks ago, we posted a photo of a load of bricks on the back of a truck that were apparently held on the truck by force of habit. We asked the question, “Would you want to be following behind this load?”

Here is a photo of what is commonly known as “We don’t have any rope Syndrome”. Anyone who as done so, knows mattresses are difficult to move; they’re bulky, seldom have convenient handles, and slippery – particularly when wrapped in a giant plastic bag. They are relatively light weight when compared to their surface area. . . or should I call it their “Sail area”?

There simply is no acceptable excuse for risking your life to save the price of a good, sturdy rope of sufficient length to secure the load.

If you have examples of driving behaviors similar to this, behaviors NOT to duplicate, please share them with us. If you have a desire to sharpen the driving skills of your employees, contact Evergreen Safety Council and ask about our EverSafe Driving Program. ESC also offers a free online training on how to best secure your load. In the mean time, to quote the actor Michael Conrad, “Let’s all be SAFE out there!”

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