Monday, May 17, 2010

Power Press Safety

Contributed by Eric Tofte, Director of Training
In February 2010 OSHA released a SHIB (Safety & Health Information Bulletin) on the hazards associated with the "unintended (double) cycling" of mechanical power presses.

This SHIB discussed the most common type of injury associated with mechanical power presses is amputation. Such injuries are often the result of point of operation hazards. The point of operation is the area on a press where material is processed.

The history behind this SHIB is based on OSHA’s Omaha, Nebraska Area Office investigation of an amputation accident involving a guarded 60 ton, part revolution, mechanical power press. The press on which the amputation occurred incorporated a two hand control point of operation device and a PSD. The two hand controls were located 22 inches from the die area. The safety distance met the requirements in 29 CFR 1910.217(c)(3)(vii)(c).

If you have power presses this is a great bulletin to read.

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