Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Training and Unsafe Workers

Contributed by Roger Hurst, Evergreen Safety Council
Unsafe workers are a chronic problem in some industries more than others. They might ignore cohort’s safety concerns while influencing others at the same time. You need to identify these individuals before everyone’s safety is jeopardized.

A safe working environment is not only more productive but is also more profitable. Your ROI will rise with a properly administered program. You must use the techniques OSHA recommends: Training/information, enforcement and rewards. This also must be repeated to become effective. You need to repeat safety training in a downward path from management with safety rules, training programs and internal communications. You must also repeat safety training in an upward motion to make sure your message is being received and understood.

The OSHA most cited standards for 2009 are:
1. Scaffolding
2. Fall Protection
3. Hazard communications
4. Respiratory protection
5. Lockout/tagout
6. Ladders
7. Powered industrial trucks
8. Electrical wiring
9. Electrical design
10. Fall Protection, training

These same infractions occur year-after-year. This is why repetition of training is so important for the safety of all your employees. As you know OR-OSHA, DOSH, AKOSH, OSHA and MSHA are all upping their fines for these infractions.

You can purchase all the safety equipment you want, but only safety training will assure your workers use and implement this equipment. We are the company who can provide this training for your companies. We have the all new Total Safety Compliance program which saves you time, money and the hassle of keeping records of your safety training. Please give us a call to get your program started today. 206-382-4090.

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