Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crane Signals & Crane Safety

Contributed by Roger Hurst, Evergreen Safety Council
At the Seattle Vicinity Construction Safety Council meeting this month the subject was: Crane Signals.

I would like to thank Erich Smith, Ironworker Apprenticeship Coordinator, Gaytor Rasmussen, Seattle Tower Crane Inspection, Jim West, Safety Director of MacDonald Miller and Larry Markee, DOSH Safety Crane Compliance Specialist for an excellent program. Not only did they speak about communications between the crane operator and the signal person, but all the communications needed around a work site: clear and concise hand signals along with clear verbal communications between all involved.

The presentation brought up the WAC codes on who can become a signal person and what type of qualifications they would need. The general discussion from the attendees was how do these people get trained and to what standard.

Evergreen Safety has a new Mobile Crane Operator Training program. This is a 3 ½ day training course taught here at our training facility by Norm Nyhuis, our resident expert. After the class a NCCCO proctor administers the core exam and one or more specialty exams.

What the attendees wanted to know is by what standards the signal person or rigger should be trained. I believe in the new future you will see a NCCCO Signal person type of training for these individuals as well. If I was safety manager at a construction company I would investigate these types of courses.

We here at Evergreen Safety are the folks who have the all new Total Safety Compliance program for the training of your personnel. We can save your company money, time and the hassle of training your workers.

Four easy steps to get your program started:
1. Evergreen personnel visit your site and perform a training assessment
2. We base our fees on a per employee per month basis
3. We review and confirm your training needs
4. We track all the safety training your employees participate in and notify you when the certifications need renewal

With Total Safety Compliance, it’s that simple.

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