Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Brief Safety Quiz

Here are six general workplace safety questions to get your brain working this morning.  The answers are below (no peeking) and feature helpful links for more information.  Good luck and have fun!

1. Who is responsible for a safe workplace per OSHA?
A. The sales rep
B. The manufacturer
C. The employer
D. Your coach

2. What is the definition of a confined space?
A. An open hallway
B. Any space smaller than a shower
C. A space too small for a grown man to enter standing up
D. Limited access, limited egress, not made for contentious occupancy

3. What is a MSDS?
A. Mostly Scattered Disorganized Safety
B. Must Speak and Do Something
C. Material Safety Data Sheet
D. Material Storing Document Sheet

4. What is the lowest height that triggers fall protection in Washington State?
A. 15 feet
B. 6 feet
C. 10 feet
D. 4 feet

5. Who is required to purchase PPE according to OSHA?
A. The employee
B. Carpool buddy
C. The employer

6. What state agency enforces worker protection?

scroll down for the answers...


C - This refers to the General Duty clause

D - This definition could save your life

C - These documents are available for your safety. A name changes is coming soon and these are going to be know as a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

D - Falls are a hazard at height as well as 4 and 10 feet

C - This rule was effective on February 13, 2008 and implemented by May 15, 2008

A - This state agency has been keeping workers safe longer than the federal agency

Contributed by Al Filmore, Trainer / Consultant, Evergreen Safety Council

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