Thursday, April 22, 2010

Five ways you can increase the payback of your training dollars

Contributed by Roger Hurst, Evergreen Safety Council
To make sure your employee training is always successful and cost-effective--whether you're training for safety or to develop other critical competencies--you need to:

  1. Make training on ongoing process, and reassess training needs frequently to make sure you're meeting today's needs, not yesterday's.
  2. Encourage employees to talk about their training needs and request additional training.
  3. Provide employees with opportunities to use newly learned skills on the job.
  4. Make sure your training is comprehensive, interesting, and interactive, and gives employees the chance to practice new skills in a safe setting.
  5. Send employees back to work with learning aids such as checklists, step-by-step instructions, and safety reminders that help them safely and effectively transfer newly learned skills to their job.

Why It Matters...
According to ASTD research:

  • Companies that invest in employee learning have higher productivity, revenue growth, and profit growth than companies that do not.
  • Employee training is a fundamental determinant of customer satisfaction, sales per employee, and market capitalization within an organization.
  • Employee satisfaction with opportunities for learning and development is one of the most important predictors of whether an employee will stay with his or her current employer.
  • Opportunity for training is one of the top three things people consider when deciding where they want to work.

If you're located in the Puget Sound region, ESC's Total Safety Compliance program can provide one-stop service for safety training at your company.

ESC will design and administer a custom Total Safety Compliance program for your company for a fixed monthly rate for a three year term. Never worry again about expired certifications, complying with the new regulations, scheduling required training for new employees, or maintaining safety training records.

For more information on how ESC can assist your company in achieving Total Safety Compliance, contact Roger or Tina @ (206) 382-4090.

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  1. Great post Roger. With our Field ID inspection software, we also concentrate a great deal on training.

    Do any of your customers use digital/web based methods to manage their safety process? Or do you find it's mostly still paper-based?


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