Friday, April 23, 2010

Imporant reminder when in driveways and parking areas

Contributed by Larry Kaminer, President, The Person Safety Training Group

Open letter to my daughters,
I want you to remember to be extra vigilant when maneuvering the car in yours or anyone else driveways (and any other parking lot)

There have been two incidents the past week of parents/ adults not realizing that despite telling all the kids to move out the way before backing up, there were still little ones behind the vehicles who got run over and killed

Remember, little kids don’t understand instructions and often aren’t listening, so despite calling out the warning that you are backing up, you can’t assume they all moved out the way.

Also remember that little ones are that much more difficult to see in the blind spots and right behind the car

Other children are easily distracted and cannot be counted on to warn the toddlers that you have announced you are backing up. Most kids won’t even notice if a little one is still in the way This is the drivers responsibility 100%.
  • It is especially easy for an accident like this to happen when you are distracted, chatting to friends etc and not paying really close attention to your surroundings
  • You must always be absolutely sure no one is behind you. If you are not get out the car and check for yourself.
  • Also be aware that even if you are at a friend’s home where no little ones live, a neighbor’s toddler could easily have wandered into the driveway unbeknownst to you

So don’t make assumptions and always be very aware


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