Friday, April 30, 2010

Open Letter from Tom Odegaard

Open Letter
from Tom Odegaard, President/Executive Director, Evergreen Safety Council

Across America, motor vehicle collisions are the number one cause of workplace fatalities. Did you know that between 1998-2007 22% of all workplace fatalities in Washington were the result of roadway crashes? Did you know that each week, nearly 10 Washingtonians die on our roads?

My name is Tom Odegaard and as President of Evergreen Safety Council I would like to invite you to help us change that statistic.

Each year, our organization works in partnership with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to present a one-day Washington Traffic Safety Conference. Aimed at Washington organizations and businesses, we believe that if we can make an impact at work, individuals will carry the safe driving message home to their families…thus making the roads safer for everyone.

The 2010 Washington Traffic Safety Conference will be held in Burien at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center on May 20.

Our presenters include a nationally known researcher, a highly respected sleep medicine doctor, NHTSA and WTSC representatives as well as state Senator Tracey Eide who sponsored Washington’s new cell phone/texting law.

Topics being addressed include: distracted driving and Washington’s new cell phone/texting law; issues dealing with speed, nighttime driving, and worker/driver fatigue issues. We will also have presentations on the liability issues surrounding employees who are involved in substance abuse (including prescription drugs), and why it is important to train your employees.
We believe that every attendee will benefit from attending this conference.

Why should you, your co-workers and your business associates attend?
This conference can provide an immediate value for all attendees. By taking the information, forming a company policy, training employees and enforcing the policy for all drivers, incidents involving motor vehicles will be reduced. Reducing motor vehicle crashes has a direct, positive impact on the bottom line of all businesses through reducing lost time, repair costs, and insurance premiums.

Most importantly, by taking what is learned at this conference and applying it to their organization, an employee’s life may be saved. How do you put a value on that?

What can you do? We would appreciate it if you informed your friends, co-workers and associates of this conference and encourage them to attend.

Thank you and I hope to see you on May 20.

Tom Odegaard

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