Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Are You Competitive?

Contributed by Roger Hurst, Evergreen Safety Council
How do you measure Return On Investment (ROI) for your safety training? First you need a plan on what you want to measure. You want to look at Total Benefits, and of course Total Costs. Here is a formula you may use:

(total benefit – total costs) = _____ x 100 = ROI
Total costs

You need to see results on your dollars spent on safety training. You need proof that safety training is actually helping people learn. You need to see bottom-line results.

The most successful companies who want to remain competitive must continually look for ways to better train their employees. You need to manage Human Capital. You need to invest in workers, encouraging workers to invest in themselves and provide a good learning environment.

Training expenditures are a unique form of business expense. Unlike other expenses, training costs represent an investment by the firm to the employees. You must focus not only on the training but on the training’s results.

Let us know if we may help you with your safety training requirements. We are the folks who bring you Total Safety Compliance, the complete program to save you time and costs.

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