Monday, June 28, 2010

What do you do to help new/young workers stay safe?

Did you know that new, young and inexperienced workers are five times more likely to be injured at work in their first four weeks on the job?
Often due to their inexperience, these workers are unable to perceive the hazards and risks associated with their new job; They may over-rate their own skills; Some young workers in particular may be adrenaline junkies and thrive on risky behavior (they are indestructible) both on and off the job; Others may have difficulty understanding and applying general orientation training; finally they may not understand their rights and therefore hesitate if asked to perform a task unsafely.
Employers and supervisors can help keep new, young and inexperienced workers safe by providing proper safety orientation. When providing worker orientation, your five objectives are training workers to:
1. Understand their role in a safe workplace, including their right to express
their concerns if a task seems unsafe or in violation of what has been
taught to them;
2. Follow safe operating procedures;
3. Know the hazards of their workplace;
4. Use protective equipment;
5. Comply with all safety rules;

Remember that this should not be a one-time orientation, but rather a continuing effort, not only for new employees, but for all employees. People learn in different ways and at different rates, making regular safety meetings a must. It also means that safety reminders should be part of every meeting with employees.

This investment in an organization's most valuable asset - your employees will pay dividends for many years.

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