Monday, June 21, 2010

Link Safety Training to Business Performance

We must relate safety training to the bottom line. What will training of my employees do for our profits and ROI? The answer is “a lot”.

We in the Northwest want to be on the forefront of global competitiveness. We are positioned very well in the scheme of things. We have great companies, small and large, who invest in their worker’s training. It is not a one time system, but a series of continually educating our workers. We all need to rethink our traditional workplace practices of on-the-job- training and provide each individual with the best training our budget will allow.

As a result of forces such as new technology, globalization, the knowledge economy and changing demographics, our commitment to training and skills development is increasingly vital to success, even survival of our businesses.

We need to upgrade the skills of adult workers. It will raise our productivity of all our businesses. We are the folks who can help you with your training needs with our Total Safety Compliance program. Contact our Executive Director Tom Odegaard or our Director of Training Eric Tofte today!

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