Monday, June 28, 2010

Put it away!

a recent incident prompted this posting. In short, if you leave something that looks valuable, in plain sight, in your car - even if it's locked - you may find it gone, when you return to your car. We hear of this happening during the Christmas present shopping season, but it can and does happen during other times of the year. My son left a bag, that had the appearance of a camera bag, on the rear seat of his car, in the company parking lot. When returning to his car at the end of the day, the rear windo was broken out, and the bag was missing. It was NOT a camera bag, it only looked like one! It was his "lunch bag", so the thief got a plastic spoon, and an unwashed plastic food storage container, for taking the risk of being caught breaking into a car, and my son got a repair bill for replacing the broken window as well as the un-reimubursed cost of taking the time to search out the parts, and get it repaired. The lesson is - "out of sight out of mind". Don;t leave items of obvious (or apparent) value in plain sight. Also, if your car has a trunk release in the passengers' compartment, even if the trunk is locked, but one of the doors isn't, a prowler has a means to get in the trunk too. Please be safe out there, OK?

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