Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is Your Company an Innovator?

We have been talking about Return On Investment (ROI) for safety training of your employees. Is your company an Innovator when it comes to addressing your Human Capital?

When it comes to safety training you need to focus on the organization’s goals. You need to have a proper needs analysis up front and then evaluate your results on an on-going basis. Do you know that most companies spend less than 1% on their training budgets to measure and evaluate their training results? We need to measure worthy performance not just the cost of the training.

To stay competitive in this current market place you need to rely on many variables. One of them is safety training. Let’s look at what you might expect to gain by including additional safety training for your workers:

1. Better attitudes
2. Safer workers
3. Enhance company profits
4. Increased productivity
5. Be an Innovator
6. Training saves labor
7. Training saves money
8. Training improves a company’s competitive edge
9. Training saves supervisory and administrative costs
10. Training improves customer satisfaction
11. Training improves customer satisfaction and retention
12. Training provides opportunities for personal growth

Not all the benefits of training are quantifiable and many are intangible:
1. Employee self-esteem
2. Morale
3. Work ethics
4. Training is a win-win for all involved

Let us know if we may help you with your safety training requirements. We are the folks who bring you Total Safety Compliance, the complete program to save you time and costs.

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