Monday, June 14, 2010

Knowledge Economy

Why make a business case for training investments? What will it mean to the bottom line? Which elements of your business can benefit most from safety training? What will be the results? Why should you spend money on training?

How will training help in the success of your business? This requires you to identify and then quantify the impact your training will have on the bottom line of the business!

At a minimum you should measure the following:
1. Are learners showing up for classes?
2. Are people moving trough the course?
3. Did starters finish?
4. How well did learners score?
5. How was the program received?

What do you think the cost of not training is?

You need to focus not on the training, but on the training’s results. Is your management seeing a link between training and business performance? How do you justify the training expenses, well look at your profit at the end of the project or measurable time period?

Remember “cost savings is a reduction in expenses” and that is what we can help you with here at Evergreen Safety with our Total Safety Compliance program. Give Tina, our customer service representative a call today, 206-382-4090. She will be able to answer any questions you might have.

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